Google XML Sitemap :

With google sitemaps you can improve quite simple the spreading of your web pages in the google index. Above this collaborative crawlingsystem you can keep google up to date of all your web pages as well as changes on it.


Keyword Search Report :

This contribution saves all terms which are typed in by customers/visitors in the search-field, so that the shop owner has an accurate overview over all searched terms.

The shop owner can see what terms have been looked up and how often they have been typed in.


Meta Tags :

This enhancement makes it possible that the search engines can find your shop more simply on the internet. Thereby the entire efficiency is improving and you will increase your turnover.

Meta Tags are catchwords, which supply the search engines with informations. They are specialized in the description of your products and category names.


ORG-Header Tags Controller :

This extension makes your shop search engine friendly through meta-tags. When you populate your articles you can enter the necessary informations: title, description and keywords. In this way you can make use of your whole assortment.


Search Enhancements :

This extension makes it possible that your customers are able to find their desired articles much faster in your shop.

This enhancement provides the shop owner the information which search terms are used from your customers in order to find the desired search results. You can use the entered search keywords to amplify your meta-tag-list. In this way your shop and products will be found much faster.



With this contribution URLs are automatically generated with your osCommerce store. SEO-G can significantly boost your store´s marketing and make it easier to find by search engines

In the admin panel the store owner can easily customize types, entities (eg: manufacturers,categories,authors,...) as well display the SEO-G generated URLs

SEO-G only provides one language


Ultimate SEO URLīs :

This extension makes it possible that the URL´s of your shop system, which are indicated as php file is being converted in a search engine friendly URL.

e.g.: If a product name is used as URL then the URL looks after the converting as follows: "name of the product-p-5.html" instead of „product-info.php?products-id=5“.



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