Add a BACK button in the product_info :

With this extension a back button will be displayed on the product info page.


Attribute Manager :

This Attribute Manager is an extension to the product characteristics. You have the possibility to select a product of your list and adapt it.


Bundle of Products :

This extension offers the possibility, that your customers can buy a bundle of products. That means your customers buy x products together that may be priced at something different from the total cost of the products. The shop operator is able to create and edit bundles of products in the admin range.

Should a sub-product be out of stock then the bundle will be delayed from selling.

The stock of each sub-product is updated separately when a sale is made.

The customer gets the cost saving shown on the product info page.


Buy two :

This extension makes it possible to match two products with each other and one price is shown.

Your customers can have a look at your recommendations e.g.: buy product x and product y together at the price of 84,00 EUR.

The both images of the products are shown and when you click the "buy"-button two items will add to your shopping cart.


Callback :
In a box on the right side a callback- picture appears. If your customers click on this, they will get a form on which they can select the telephone number, name and recall time. Additionally the customer has the possibility to add a comment for the inquiry, so that you know to which topic it concerns. Subsequently you get an e-mail with all the informations , in order to recall the customer.

Coupon :

With this extension you can easily create coupons in admin area.

You can edit the length and composite of the coupon code, the coupon´s value, the value where the coupon get´s enabled and the coupon´s period of validity.


Coupons :

This expansion makes it possible that your customers can buy coupons and redeem them.


Cross-Sell :

This extension makes it possible, to submit your customers with product proposals. This product proposals are very intersting for customers, who are already having a look at the products in your shop. For this customers who are still considering buying something, offers cross-sell an ideal solution.


Customer Loyalty Discount :

This extension makes it possible to grant a discount for customers who have spent a certain amount of money over a specific time period.


Ebay Store :

This enhancement will add an infobox to your shop system, which contains a image link to your ebay store. The ebay logo is adaptable on customers request.


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