Recently visited Products :

This extension makes it possible for your customers that they can view which products they have recently seen. Maximum 9 products can be shown which appears below the item in a list.


Reset the Counter for visited Products :

This expansion makes it possible to reset the number of visitors for "mostly vistited products" of the entire products.

For all products the number of visitors is put to sero if you click the button “reset”. The message "the counter has been reset" appears.


Sales Reports :

This expansion makes it possible to view the sales statistics of your shop (below reports - sales reports).


Special Price Per Customer (SPPC) Report :

This enhancement makes it possible that you get shown a report with the customers or businesses with special price per customer.

This report indicates the following

  • the Company Name, Customer First & Last name

  • Customer Group Names

  • Category of Product

  • Products Name

  • Description

  • Product Model

  • Retail Price & Special Price given to that customer

You can sort this report in rising order by products name or company name.

An icon is shown at the end of each row, which can be used in order to edit the special price for those customers. The report is sorted standardly in product names.

In order to use this enhancement it is necessary to dispose of the SPPC module.


Statistic Search Keywords :

This extension indicates the keywords in a list which your customers has entered in the search engine of the shop site. It is shown how ofter the keyword has entered and how many products has been found. This entries will be saved and analysed.

It can be helpful to know which special desires your customers have in your shop.


Stock report :

With this extension you get an overview when you have to order which product.


To list all Manufacturers :

This extension provides you an overview about all manufacturers. In this overview you get shown a list with all names of the manufacturer and manufacturer logos. When you click on the manfacturers you will get indicate all their products.


Top 10 - Display of the last 10 best Referrers :

This extension makes it possible to display a box in the customer area. In this box appears the last 10 sites from that the most visitors has been coming from.


Unsold Shopping Cart Reports :

This extension will show you a report with the shopping carts of your customers, which has not been complete.


User Tracking :

This expansion gives shop owners the possibility to track users on your website. You are able to see after which products they are looking for or which products they have recently seen.


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